Top Tips On Choosing The Best Seasoned Firewood Logs

Wood is a sustainable type of fuel, and also a great alternative to fossil fuels. When burnt efficiently wood produces virtually no smoke, so is perfect for heating homes. It is also becoming a popular alternative to central heating, which is becoming increasingly expensive. Therefore, more and more households are switching to other types of heating, such as wood log stoves. The question that many home owners face, is what type of wood is best, and how to choose the best timber?

There are different types of wood which can heat your home efficiently while producing almost no fumes at all. Investing in wood purchased from sustainably managed trees can reduce the net carbondioxide CO2 production.

To heat your homes in the most effective and eco-friendly manner possible, there are a few things you should look out for when investing in timber. The right firewood for sale to order logs online can contribute to a cleaner environment and a more efficient way to heat your home.

Choosing The Best Firewood For Sale

First of all, find a good supplier of firewood that offers many types of wood. This way you can try different kinds to check which types of firewood work best seasoned logs for your home. Another thing to take into consideration is the moisture content of the logs. This factor is important as it affects the calorific value or, in other words, the heat itself.

Your firewood should have all moisture boiled away before using it in your stove or fireplace. Any moisture in your firewood will create tars and smoke, as well as heat that will go out unused through the chimney.

It will stain the glass of the stove as well!

To avoid this always use only dried or seasoned logs. If the bark and radial cracks come off easily, this indicates that the wood has been well-seasoned and is perfect for burning. If not, the damp wood might damage the lining of the flue and increase the danger of a chimney fire.

The Density Of Firewood For Sale And Its Importance

Bear in mind that suppliers of firewood indicate whether their firewood for sale is from hardwood or softwood species, or even mixed. If they don't, look for a timber seasoned logs supplier who can provide you with this information.

One of the main differences between hardwoods and softwoods is that seasoned hardwood logs are usually denser compared to softwoods. Hardwoods are deciduous, broadleaved tree species such as oaks, teaks, mahogany, whereas softwoods are evergreens such as pines, spruce, and cedar. What this means is that that one tonne of hardwood logs will take up less space than one tone of softwood logs.

In addition, denser woods burn for a longer period of time, making it the perfect fuel if you want a long lasting fire. This also means less top ups' are needed in order to keep your stove burning for a certain period of time. Thus, hardwood timber is the best type of firewood if you want more heat in less time for a prolonged period.

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