Aaj Ki Raat Hai Zindagi

The story of Aaj ki raat hai zindagi is based on common peoples living nearby their livelihood as well as who are highly trained or skilled in a particular activity something different from others. This show is going to be telecast on 18 october 2015 on STAR PLUS. Creator Uday Shankar is keeping common people as the main theme his story and planned to start it with the Big B, Amitabh Bachchan. This show is going to be presented by Amitabh Bachchan, an intelligent host of Bollywood who will be hosting the same in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Show is based on the British show ‘Tonight’s the night’.

Bollywood Blockbuster star, Amitabh Bachchan who began his small screen journey 15 years back with star plus have came again to work together with the channel for a totally new and different project ‘Aaj ki Raat hai Zindagi’. Amitabh a blockbustar super liked actor of bollywood who started his carrer in 1970s with a popular cast movies Deewar and Zanjeer and was called by “Angry young man” for the on screen roles in bollywood. After signing over number of films he entered small screen as a host in tye first season of Kaun Banega Crorepati on sony entertainment which is a british adaptation television game “who wants to be a milionaire?”He had also hosted Bigg boss season 3. He has always kept the TRP in high rank. After long time he is now back on small screen with Uday Shankar in this new show.

In this show all characters are as different as we have never noticed. Amitabh Bachchan like this ever in his career. In the shows advertisement, Amitabh is seen dancing and singing all around in an elevator in a track suit with foot tapping beats like a small child. Sometimes foolish faces or even dull faces are impressing audience and becoming eager to know what this show will come forward with. There is something interesting in this show. The English version of the show of British presented by John Barrowman an actor and well known singer too is being on air from 18 April 2009 till date and shows TRP is rising on every show.

The show is based on the peoples invited as guest in the audience will be asked their wishes which will be then come true as happens with those living out their life in fantasy and dream come true and makes their lives a fantasy world for real. Anybody can take part in the show as there is no rule for any particular. It starts like a person who has been invited in the show as guest but doesn’t know why and by whom and then suddenly whatever was in his/her fantasy would come true. Those peoples are being nominated by their family members or friends or loved ones. And they are asked to enter the show and they are not being informed by whom they are invited. And this will only change their fantasy in real. In the show the audience present in the studio Will also be surprise when John will elect them to come there fantasy true. The show is in night so their dream will come true in night though they have not singed in the show but they will be elected. So all this are some how copied in the indian show by Amitabh.

The show has been in limelight since two months befire its arrival as it is showing wonderful ads by Amitabh. Public to celebs all are excited for the show. The same date as of british show has been taken. As 18 october for i.dian show and 18 Aaj ki raat hai zindagi april of british show.date 18 has been copied. Amitabh faces some vulnarable problems during shoot on set. It was funny to hear that when Amitabh Bachchan was shooting his first show after his 73rd birthday on october 11.

So after shooting some they required duplicate of Bachchan sir in the same frame to shoot the show but funny thing was after calling over 10 duplicates from different places who in real matches with sir's body posture and voice they found no one on the set as every one was busy in celebrating and attending birthday party of Bachchan as they were duplicate after all at last one was found to shoot the show. As they were duplicates so they were called by the smaller towns on party as guest to celebrate Bachchan sir's birthday. It was funny for sir but he felt proud also that he has so many fans with him.

Facts revealed about the show that Alia, Shilpa and singer Arijit appear as guest. The show will be charming by the presence of these celebrities with Bigb on set. This show will start at 8pm on sunday which is based on humans voice. Sanjay Gupta COO of Star plus say that he is proud to se the show which is filled with entertainment but also teaches some real truths and facts having a special purpose. It will encourage people to some extent. The show will highlight people issues and personal stories with docters who will treat patients in free.

The real principle of the show is to describe our Life. If we are happy and want to celebrate our happiness then yes we should celebrate with the society about any good deed you done for some one or any should be shared and celebrated as life is beautiful and comes once. If by seeing the show somebody gets inspired by someone to do the same whats wrong in it says Amitabh as this will bring lots of changes in people living.

Show is some how like Satyameva Jayate where about peples importants facts are drawn out and shown that how peoples are facing with their problems and how they over come with their problems and fears. Its based on reality show of common people and their needs their sacrifices.

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