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There have often been sonic figureheads who have challenged the status quo. Take, for instance, Madonna, David Bowie, Björk, and Nirvana. Still, together with pressures via record label execs along with marketing along with advertising experts, your strain in order to create a widely accepted along with understood video accompaniment to some Leading 40 track usually trumped artistic freedom. but now, as the track record music industry landscape warps using the digital age, artists are generally no longer restricted to creating formulaic, safe audio videos which are “suitable for television.”

Artists similar to A long Time & years and also Troye Sivan possess challenged your misrepresentation associated with LGBTQ figures inside pop music; Beyoncé has reaffirmed the effectiveness of black women throughout today’s society; Pussy Riot has challenged political tradition in one of one in the most rigid countries on earth; as well as countless artists get explored what it’s like to come associated with grow older post-recession.

We’re under 3 months in to 2016 as well as already we’ve been blessed together with some of the many potent, charged works throughout songs video history. Watch all of them almost all inside the gallery below.

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