Guaranteed Anti-Piracy Solution

Your intellectual property is being stolen from you as you’re reading this!

The internet offers a lot of possibilities to people like you and it’s amazing that you’re taking advantage of them. What’s less amazing is that the product you’ve invested so much of your time and energy in is now distributed for free on various file-sharing platforms for free and without your agreement. This means fewer sales for you, devaluing of what you worked hard to create and the worst part of it all is that it spreads like cancer – if you don’t stop piracy now, you can wave your awesome selling-my-ideas-online life good bye.

Fortunately, you can stop it now with filesharehunter will make sure that:

• They search practically the entire web and find every single place where your files may be uploaded for unsolicited use

• Will remove piracy; your files disappear from all those free file-sharing platforms, never to return

• They make sure you’re protected for as long as you use our services

Believe me, even if you don’t know it yet, if you don’t use an anti-piracy system, someone is stealing from remove piracy you right this second.

Filesharehunter, a trusted, effective, experienced, and reliable software protection company based in the United States has launch its online copyright security system. It is a security system that provides more like a Security Guard/Detective/Consultant. Many content and software owners looking for better protection online against piracy will be highly protected by this security system.

An all-around solution is about scraping the whole internet. That means, Google, Servers, Usenet, Facebook, YouTube, url, etc. It’s also good to note that filesharehunter will take on all software, eBooks, movies, music, etc. like a security guard take care of buildings and values.There will be an instant takedown, or monitor and takedown, as links appears and never a normal take-down service as work is done closely with clients.

There is also a provision for piracy analysis, updates on work done, list of links that have been taken down, and ideas of how exposed clients work is online. All round piracy protection.

Its believe is that a normal take-down service is not enough, so watching for everything, like cracks, serials, revenge porn, leaked content which are threat to customers.

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