Game Changing New Features Of Android Marshmallow TV Box

Nexbox A5 Amlogic is a big game changer in this mobile generation. It not only offered a more user-friendly interface, but also introduced multiple refinements and functionalities into the backend. However, the announcement of the next version of the OS, termed as Android Marshmallow, has sent mobile application developers into a fit of excitement and haste. After all, frequent release of new OS means that developers need to be on their toes and ready to create applications. Therefore, if you are looking for up-to-date mobile application development.

Before you zero in on some mobile app developers to update your existing app or develop a new one in accordance with the upcoming version, let us take a look at how Nexbox A5 Amlogic Android Marshmallow or Android 6.0 is touted to be the next big thing in the mobile OS era.

Now on Tap

The most impressive feature of Android Marshmallow is 'Now on Tap'. Taking a cue from mobile virtual assistants, this feature spreads across the OS and guides users irrespective of what screen they are on. Let us consider for instance, your friend has texted you asking whether you are interested in watching the Jungle Book movie over the weekend. As you long press the home button, the 'Now on Tap' will activate and recognize the context of the text message automatically. It will focus on words such as 'movie' and 'Jungle Book', and show you the IMDB rating, weekend timings in nearby halls, and numerous other relevant results.

Fingerprint Sensors

While fingerprint support is nothing new in Android-supported devices, this feature was available via third-party vendors until now. With Marshmallow, fingerprint scanners will now be available natively on Android devices. Furthermore, the feature will not just come in handy in unlocking your device. It will also support authorizing Google Play, Google Pay and various other app transactions. As a result, this is a great time to invest in developing apps with fingerprint sensors.


Due to apps running in the background, Android users have always complained about the unpredictable standby time that affected the battery life. Marshmallow seems to have fixed this issue with the new Doze feature. The Doze technology will recognize when your device is unused and motionless, and will go into a deeper sleep mode. It will prompt about app updates less frequently, notifying you only when receiving Android 6.0 TV Box calls or text messages. During the testing process, Doze has been reported to increase the battery life of a Nexus 9 tablet up to two times.

Adding a cherry atop the cake, Android Marshmallow also introduces the automatic backup feature that will back up apps in the user's Google Drive account. It boasts DDR3 1GB RAM, and eMMC 16GB Flash, advantageous in performance, security and reliability, ascribing to the eMMC memory, ultimately delivering a richer end-user experience, it can work wonders for Android users to easily restore their system whenever required.

It is important that your mobile app supports this new OS version. Therefore, if you are looking for Marshmallow-compliant top-notch application development, this is indeed your ideal pick.

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