Popularity of Funny Cat Videos

We often resent being compared to monkeys, who are our animal counterparts. We feel such resentment due to the fact that we consider ourselves to be more advanced and superior than animals. However, animals share some of the human aspects from a psychological point of view. Hence, it can be amusing to record animal movements and see how they bear resemblance to human beings. Their human-like conduct often sends viewers into fits of laughter. The fact that animals can also function like humans is a hilarious concept and it is very funny to watch this concept for real.

From the different forms ​funny cats of animal videos that are available on the internet, the videos that feature cats are generally most popular. When in search of the funny animal videos, people prefer to watch funny cat videos than any other animal's videos. Cats are creatures of sloth. They are lazy by nature and are very rarely seen doing anything. Hence, people find a lot of amusement while watching cat videos. Videos of cats mostly consists of the cats being irritated after being woken up or cats snatching food from one another or from another person. These actions of cats can be understood and related to by humans. Hence, their popularity increased. There are some people who stand strong against funny cat videos or videos involving any other animal. They think it is a violation of animal rights.

Animals should not be abused for the sake of entertainment. However, the question of the violation of the animal rights depends purely on how the video had been and shot and what the cat was doing in the video. If it involves any torture on the hands of human beings, then that video can be banned from the website. However, cats do not need to be hit or whipped in order to be funny. Funny cat videos are mostly made in an ethical manner. That is another reason why these videos are so very popular. In truly funny cat videos, the cats behave in a natural and realistic manner and not in an artificial and rehearsed fashion.

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